The legacy QDCM1400, 3-Axis Gradient Amplifier has been replaced by the newer product(s) below, which we invite you to consider.

If you currently use this legacy product, PCI can help with transitioning to a newer version solution. If repair or replacement is needed, PCI will be happy to assist.

QDCM1400, 3-Axis Gradient Amplifier (Legacy)

The QDCM1400 is a pulse width modulated, digitally controlled gradient amplifier system that contains three 1400 VDC, 300 Arms, 600 Apk amplifiers and a mains isolated power supply, intended for use in precision control systems. The amplifier operates from 380–480 VAC, 50-60 Hz three-phase mains connected power and provides a precisely controlled, high fidelity output current. The amplifier and power supply are water-cooled and packaged in a cabinet 27.5 inch (700 mm) wide with a 74.4 inch (1890 mm) height and 37.4 inch (950 mm) depth. This power amplifier has been designed to operate in a control room environment. The power amplifier has been tested for EMC when operated as part of an imaging system.

As with all of the PCI products, we will partner with our clients to customize the QDCM1400 to meet the requirements for form, fit and function.

  • 3-Axis Gradient Amplifier System: 1400 Volt, 600 Amp


Control Electronics

  • Command processing
  • Current loop and modulation control
  • Synchronization
  • Analog and digital I/O
  • Controls and status indicators
  • RS-232 adjustable tuning

Power Electronics

  • Power stage topology
  • Power management
  • Electrical isolation
  • System capacitance
  • Thermal management
  • Instantaneous power device protection

Internal Power Supply

  • Input powered directly from AC Mains
  • 380-480VAC 3 Phase
  • Provides all housekeeping power supplies
  • Labeled compliant to UL60601

Power Interface

  • EMI / RFI suppression
  • Full galvanic isolation to chassis
  • Load and amplifier protection

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