Precision Power Amplifiers from PCI

Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) designs and manufactures high performance PWM (pulse width modulated) amplifiers. We specialize in amplifiers characterized by high precision, high power, wide bandwidth, and ruggedized construction. You can select from one of our standard products, have a product customized, or work with us to develop a custom solution that exactly matches your application.

PCI's unique amplifier expertise is applied in three principal areas:

  • MRI Gradient Amplifiers - Our gradient amplifiers' ultra low noise and high slew rates help produce MRI images of unparalleled clarity, contributing to the health and well-being of people around the world.
  • Motor Drives - PCI's servo amplifiers are used in automated guided vehicles (AGV's), mission-critical radar installations, downhole drilling tools, and other applications where performance and reliability are critical.
  • Custom Amplifier Designs - We actively seek applications which push the boundaries of amplifier technology and can't be satisfied with off-the-shelf products. Have a unique amplifier requirement? Talk to us!

With over 300 man-years of innovative design experience, more than 30 awarded patents and a culture of customer collaboration, Performance Controls is the perfect partner to solve your specialized amplifier requirements. We invite you to contact us today about your amplifier needs.