InSight™ Software

The InSight™ software toolkit from Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) is an integrated collection of software tools that unlocks the full potential of PCI amplifiers. With a single software program, users can quickly set up and tune amplifiers and access a range of diagnostic tools. When used with D-SERIES™ amplifiers, InSight™ provides powerful capability for optimizing performance during development and operation, reducing installation time, supporting field troubleshooting, and adding functionality in the field.

  • Software Toolkit for PCI Digital Amplifiers

  • Easy Amplifier Setup and Tuning

  • Powerful System Diagnostics

  • Supports System-Level Optimization

  • Guided Field Software Upgrades

Insight Software

Single Application for Multiple Amplifiers

Consistent user experience across all digital PCI amplifiers.

Communications Center

Supports USB, CAN Bus, Bluetooth, RS-232, and Ethernet. Accommodates present and future system designs.

Amplifier Tuning

Enables tuning adjustments while observing iDSO™ display. Internal tuning command generation for D-SERIES™ products.

Fault Detail Display

For each reported fault provides detailed descriptions, possible causes and troubleshooting steps. Enables faster problem resolution.

Integrated Sequence Development Assistant (iSDA™)

Provides tools to optimize power delivery to system loads. In MRI applications this results in greatly improved imaging speeds. Includes Power Utilization Monitor (PUM) to ensure system design margins are achieved while maximizing performance of system.

Integrated Advanced System Diagnostics (iASD™)

Offers powerful tools for the field support engineer to quickly troubleshoot and isolate problems. Same iASD™ tools are very useful for system development work. Includes Integrated Digital Storage Oscilloscope (iDSO™)

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