The legacy GAF1400 Gradient Amplifier RF Filter has been replaced by the newer product(s) below, which we invite you to consider.

If you currently use this legacy product, PCI can help with transitioning to a newer version solution. If repair or replacement is needed, PCI will be happy to assist.

GAF1400 Gradient Amplifier RF Filter (Legacy)

The GAF1400 is a 1400V, 650 Apk/220Arms, 3 axis filter that can be mounted on an MRI room penetration panel. The gradient coil leads attach to this filter which removes unwanted noise from the signals as they pass into the MRI magnet room.

When properly mounted to a grounded penetration panel, the filter fully complies with the ground bond requirements of UL60601 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1-M90.

  • MRI Panel Filter: 3-Axis, 1400 Volt, 650 Apk / 220 Arms


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