The legacy GA-300, 1-Axis Gradient Amplifier has been replaced by the newer product(s) below, which we invite you to consider.

If you currently use this legacy product, PCI can help with transitioning to a newer version solution. If repair or replacement is needed, PCI will be happy to assist.

GA-300, 1-Axis Gradient Amplifier

The GA300 is a 300 VDC, 100 Arms, 200 Apk pulse width modulated power amplifier, intended for use in precision applications such as MRI scanning and others. The amplifier operates from a single source of power and provides a precisely controlled, high fidelity output current. The amplifier is packaged to fit in a standard 19” rack width with a 5.25” height (3U) and 25.75” depth penetration into the rack. This power amplifier has been designed to operate in a controlled environment and to be enclosed within the overall system enclosure.

Control Electronics

  • Command processing
  • Current loop and modulation control
  • Synchronization
  • Analog and digital I/O
  • Controls and status indicators
  • Pre-set and adjustable tuning

Power Electronics

  • Power stage topology
  • Power management
  • Electrical isolation
  • System capacitance
  • Thermal management
  • Instantaneous power device protection

Internal Power Supply

  • Input powered directly from the high voltage DC Bus
  • Provides all housekeeping power supplies
  • Provides fan power +24V
  • Provides isolation from high voltage DC bus

Power Interface

  • EMI / RFI suppression
  • Linear current sensing
  • Optional full galvanic isolation to chassis
  • Load and amplifier protection

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