GAF-QDCM Gradient Amplifier RF Filter

The GAF-QDCM Gradient Amplifier Filter from Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) provides RF noise filtering between a 3-axis gradient amplifier and the associated MRI gradient coils it drives. The filter reliably attenuates unwanted RF noise from the gradient amplifier outputs as they pass into the MRI magnet room. The filter attenuates broadband RF with special consideration given to the MR frequencies associated with 0.5T, 0.7T, 1.2T, 1.5T and 3T MRI systems. The filter may apply to other MRI systems based on attenuation requirements.

The filter is designed to be wall-mounted to a penetration panel and is designed to operate in a controlled equipment room environment.

  • Gradient Amplifier RF Filter

  • 3-Axis (6 Distinct Filter Channels)

  • 2100 Vph-ph, 220 Arms, 700 Apk Per Axis

  • Penetration Panel Wall Mount

  • Natural Convection Cooling



The GAF-QDCM RF Filter can be used in these and other applications:

  • MRI gradient amplifier RF noise output filtering

Features and Benefits

RF Noise Filtering

Helps ensure clean and artifact-free MRI imaging.

High Power

Supports high voltage and high peak/RMS current output of three-axes gradient amplifiers.

Broad Applicability

Meets the RF filtering requirements of a broad range of magnet strengths and allows OEMs to stock one cost-effective penetration panel filter.

Ease of Use

Natural convection cooling coupled with robust design ensures a long and maintenance-free product life.


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