GA151, 1-Axis Gradient Amplifier

The GA151 Gradient Amplifier from Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) is a single axis pulse width modulated amplifier. It is rated at 150 VDC, 75 Arms, 150 Apk and operates from a DC power source. The GA151’s exceptionally low output noise, extremely high bandwidth and excellent stability make it ideally suited for demanding power amplifier tasks found in laboratory and medical applications.

The GA151 is backward compatible with the GA-150 gradient amplifier it replaces. Utilizing advanced hybrid digital and analog control architecture, the GA151 provides a host of powerful features. These include digital tuning, digital set-up, diagnostic tools, programmable protection for loads, and more. One such feature is the Integrated Digital Storage Oscilloscope (iDSO™). These features are easily accessible with the companion InSight™ software toolkit.

  • 1-Axis Precision Gradient Amplifier

  • 150 VDC, 75 Arms, 150 Apk

  • Digital Tuning and Set-up

  • Advanced Diagnostics & iDSO™

  • Programmable Load Protection


The GA151 Gradient Amplifier can be used in these and other applications:

  • MRI gradient magnetic field control systems
  • High power, voice coil based shock and vibration test systems
  • Magnet-based particle beam steering systems
  • Any inductive/resistive load requiring precise control of high current over a wide frequency range

Features and Benefits

Digital Tuning and Set-up

Tuning and set-up parameters set digitally via USB or RS-485 serial ports: offers maximum repeatability and easy configuration replication.

Current Control Compensation

Easy DIP switch selection from among eight factory-defined or user-defined tuning settings for error-free matching to various loads.

Advanced Diagnostics, Monitoring, and iDSO™

Extensive array of tools for optimizing system performance and for troubleshooting problems at the amplifier and system level.

Ultra High Reliability

Member of the proven, world-class “GA” family of PCI amplifiers, with over 300,000 hours MTBF.

Low Audible Noise

Automatic adjustment of fan speed for acoustic noise reduction during operation: perfect for ergonomic or noise sensitive applications.

InSight™ Software Toolkit

Single, easy-to-use graphical user interface for all amplifier functions.

Voltage Loop Control (optional)

For applications needing voltage loop control instead of current loop control, such as driving voice coil actuators.

Parallel Operation (optional)

Ability to operate multiple amplifiers in parallel, for driving loads requiring very high current levels.


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