Service Support

Committed to Supporting You

Our goal is to make our customers' jobs easier and to provide them a competitive advantage. A key way we do that is through our excellent customer service and responsive technical support.

Customer Service

PCI's Customer Service department is your point of contact for scheduling and tracking shipments, requesting quotes for spares, arranging for product returns, and generally asking for assistance on anything related to past or current orders.

Field Replacable Units (FRU's)
Several PCI amplifiers have FRU's available for purchase. For pricing and lead times please contact Customer Service.

Return Material Authorization (RMA)
If after talking with our Technical Support department it is decided to return a product to PCI for servicing, the Customer Service group will get the process started for you. Please note you will need to provide them the following RMA information:

  • Your full contact information
  • Product model number
  • Product serial number
  • Reason for returning the product

In the infrequent event that an amplifier needs servicing under warranty, the unit may be repaired by PCI factory technicians, or replaced with an exchanged, refurbished or new unit. Repaired and refurbished units have a 90 day warranty; new units have a 12 month warranty. Both warranties cover parts and labor, and assume factory repair.

Technical Support

Experienced technical assistance is available for product training, trouble-shooting by phone or email, and trouble-shooting on-site when necessary.