MRI Gradient Amplifier Products

MRI Gradient Amplifier Spare Parts

PCI offers its customers spare parts and repairs for legacy gradient amplifiers as well as Picker/Marconi amplifiers. Please note PCI supplies spare parts only, not full amplifier systems, for the items below.

Spares for Legacy MRI Gradient Amplifiers

Model Axes Mains Input Power Supply Nominal Output Current Cooling Method
AC Voltage, Phase, Freq DC Voltage kW Rating Peak RMS
QDCM950 3 400/480, 3Ф, 50/60 950 32.5 430 200 Air
QDCM380/135/220-LN 3 120/208, 3Ф, 50/60 400 28.0 315 150 Air
QDCM700/200/430-LNP-Plus 3 120/208, 3Ф, 50/60 500-800 28.0 600 270 Air

Spares for Picker/Marconi MRI Amplifiers

We have parts and repairs for your Picker/Marconi PD100, PD150, and PD250 Gradient Amplifiers.

Performance Controls is the original supplier of gradient amplifiers used first by Picker and then by Marconi in PD100, PD150 and PD250 systems. The most commonly required parts include the following:

  • Power Modules (bridges)
  • Drawer Assemblies
  • Power Supplies
  • Gradient Amplifier Systems (PD150 or single cabinet PD250)