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SA2-50, 2-Axis Shim Amplifier

Performance Controls designs low-noise, high-power, digital MRI gradient amplifiers.

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  • Precision Shim Amplifier

  • Dual-Axis

  • +/-24 VDC, 12 Arms, 13 Apk

  • Excellent Thermal Stability

  • Easy Configuration


The SA2-50 Shim Amplifier is specially designed to drive Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system magnet shim windings. The SA2-50 provides high fidelity reproduction of command signals, quick response to load disturbances, excellent thermal stability, high-reliability, and low cost of ownership. The SA2-50 is fabricated on a single printed circuit board and is designed to operate in a controlled equipment room environment.


The SA2-50 Shim Amplifier can be used in these and other applications:

  • Improvement of MRI magnetic field homogeneity

Features and Benefits

High Efficiency Class-D Design

Ultra-low loss MOSFET’s efficiently deliver high RMS output current.

Two Axes In One Card

Greater value is provided through combining two shim amplifiers into one printed circuit card, sharing common resources.

Integrated Input and Output Filtering

Provides smooth, low noise output current that is typical of linear amplifiers, while offering the power density of switch-mode amplifiers.

Pluggable Design

Offers optional backplane distribution of sensitive control signals. Also facilitates rapid replacement of cards to maximize system up time.

Factory-Set Tuning Options

User can choose between a potentiometer-based variable tuning option, or a factory set tuning option where seven discrete tuning settings can be selected with a DIP switch.

Output Over-Voltage Protection

Amplifier is protected with a voltage clamp against magnetically coupled load disturbances.

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