MRI Gradient Amplifier Products

Copley Cross Reference

Performance Controls designs low-noise, high-power, digital MRI gradient amplifiers.

GA301 Amplifier

Learn more about the GA301 Series Amplifier.

Need to Replace Your Copley Amplifiers?

With the Copley 300V power amplifiers no longer being produced, you may be looking for a replacement. As an end-user you might need to retire an aging Copley with something new. Or as an OEM you may be searching for a reliable, high-performance substitute to power the system you manufacture and support.

Among the affected Copley models are the following:

  • Copley 232HC
  • Copley 261HC
  • Copley 261P
  • Copley 262PN
  • Copley 265P

PCI's GA301 Series Might Be the Answer

The GA301 Series Amplifier from Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) is a single axis pulse width modulated amplifier. It is rated at 300 VDC, 100 Arms, 200 Apk (optionally 400 Apk) with built-in capability for easy paralleling. The GA301’s exceptionally low output noise, extremely high bandwidth and excellent stability make it ideally suited for demanding power amplifier tasks found in laboratory and medical applications.

The GA301 Amplifier can be used in these and other applications:

  • MRI gradient magnetic field control systems
  • High power, voice coil based shock and vibration test systems
  • Magnet-based particle beam steering systems
  • Any inductive/resistive load requiring precise control of high current over a wide frequency range

PCI has a policy of continuous improvement and therefore reserves the right to update this information without notice to correct mistakes or to reflect specification changes. Please contact PCI to ask questions about this product or to confirm its specifications.