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DA2200-2, 3-Axis Gradient Amplifier

Performance Controls designs low-noise, high-power, digital MRI gradient amplifiers.

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  • 3-Axis 900A Precision Gradient Amplifier System

  • 2200 VDC (MRI OEM adjustable down to 1600V)

  • 100% Digital D-SERIES™ Technology

  • Hi-Speed, Single Fiber Digital Command

  • Universal Utility Access


The DA2200-2 Gradient Amplifier from Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) is a three-axis pulse width modulated amplifier system. The internal DC power supply output voltage can be configured by the MRI OEM and is protected by a redundant hardware/software interlock. The DA2200-2’s exceptionally low output noise, high bandwidth and rock-solid stability make it ideally suited for demanding power amplifier tasks found in laboratory and medical applications.

PCI’s new D-SERIES™ technology is the foundation for the DA2200-2’s many powerful features. Coupled with PCI’s new InSight™ software toolkit, D-SERIES™ technology gives systems engineers, sequence developers, and field service technicians unprecedented insight and capability for maximizing system performance, lowering overall system costs, and ensuring maximum system uptime.


The DA2200-2 Gradient Amplifier can be used in these and other applications:

  • MRI magnetic field gradient control
  • Particle beam magnetic steering control
  • Any inductive load requiring precise control of large currents across a wide frequency range

Features and Benefits

D-SERIES™ Technology

100% digital amplifier architecture, enabling: Power Utilization Predictor, Power Utilization Monitor, Advanced System Diagnostics, Integrated Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Sequence Development Assistant and others.

Hi-Speed Fiber Digital Command

Single high-speed fiber optic cable for all 3 axes of command and synchronization. Delivers maximum performance, economy, flexibility, and ease of system integration.

Selectable Bus Voltage

User-selectable output bus voltages for optimized voltage/current matching to load requirements.

Universal Utility Access

Water and electrical utilities (power, load) can enter at the cabinet top or back, in any combination, user-selectable. Provides maximum flexibility for accommodating diverse installation requirements.

InSight™ Software Toolkit

Single, easy-to-use use graphical user interface for simple control of all amplifier functions.

PCI has a policy of continuous improvement and therefore reserves the right to update this information without notice to correct mistakes or to reflect specification changes. Please contact PCI to ask questions about this product or to confirm its specifications.