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D-SERIES™ Digital Amplifier Technology

Performance Controls designs low-noise, high-power, digital MRI gradient amplifiers.

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  • 100% Digital Amplifier Platform

  • Hi-Speed, Single Fiber Digital Command

  • Extended Power and Performance

  • Development & Diagnostics Tools

  • InSight™ Software Toolkit


D-SERIES™ from Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) is revolutionary amplifier technology that is 100% digital from input to output. It delivers unprecedented performance, reliability, flexibility and cost efficiency across PCI’s family of D-SERIES™ based amplifiers. Through PCI’s exclusive InSight™ software toolkit, D-SERIES™ technology provides users powerful tools for optimizing total system performance, reducing installed costs, maximizing system uptime, and adding new functionality in the field.


D-SERIES™ Digital Amplifier Technology can be used in these and other applications:

  • MRI gradient magnetic fields
  • Magnet-based particle beam steering systems
  • Any inductive load requiring precise control of large currents across a wide frequency range

Major Benefits

Optimizes System Performance

  • Power Utilization Monitor (PUM) - Ensures system design margins are achieved while maximizing performance of system.
  • Integrated Advanced System Diagnostics (iASD™) - Advanced fault logging and remote diagnostics.
  • 100% Digital Control Loop - Ultra-high-speed and resolution; fully programmable.
  • High-Speed Fiber Digital Command Input - Provides maximum performance, flexibility, and ease of system integration.
Reduces System Integration and Siting Costs

  • Amplifier Replicator - Instant set up and tuning of amplifier to predefined settings.
  • Fiber Optic Command Input - Enables faster and less costly installation.
  • Universal Utility Access - Cabinets can be set by customer in the field for water and electrical connection access of their choosing.
Reduces Support Costs & Improves Uptime

  • Integrated Advanced System Diagnostics (iASD™) - Advanced fault logging and remote diagnostics.
  • Integrated Digital Storage Oscilloscope (iDSO™) - Fully programmable internal oscilloscope for analyzing amplifier signals.
  • Remote Diagnostics - iASD™ accessible remotely if amplifier is connected to the Internet.

PCI has a policy of continuous improvement and therefore reserves the right to update this information without notice to correct mistakes or to reflect specification changes. Please contact PCI to ask questions about this product or to confirm its specifications.