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DCD48 Motor Drive Series

Performance Controls designs ruggedized, high performance motor drives and servo amplifiers.

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  • For Series Wound, Separately Excited and Permanent Magnet Brush Motors

  • 24 - 48 VDC Supply Voltage

  • 2 and 4 Quadrant Operation

  • Dual Traction Drive Capability


The DCD Series motor controllers from Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) are DC motor drives/invertors for use in battery-powered vehicle applications. They utilize a high performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP), high efficiency MOSFET’s and proprietary control techniques to provide smooth, reliable motor control and programming flexibility. Parameters are available to optimize motor performance, set acceleration/deceleration, set forward/reverse speed limits, and provide other functions. The DCD Series can be customized with expanded voltage or current ranges, alternative form factors, OEM labeling, and other features.


The DCD48 Series Digital Motor Controllers can be used in these and other applications:

  • Vehicle traction, steering, hydraulic pumps and other vehicle auxiliary systems
  • Automated guided vehicles (AGV’s)
  • Material handling vehicles
  • Other battery-powered motion applications

Features and Benefits

Digital Tuning

Optimizes performance, enables cloning, eliminates pot drift, and reduces inventory through the use of the same drive for multiple applications.

Proprietary High Frequency PWM Technique

Enables quiet operation, provides responsive torque and velocity control, efficiently uses supply voltage, and decreases heating and losses in motor.

Health Monitor (Data Logger)

Logs faults, warnings, alarms, and peak values to non-volatile memory for system maintenance and repair.

Electrical Isolation

Eliminates the need for external isolation components and is good for ‘floating battery’ designs for single-point failure immunity.

High Voltage Components

Allow supply voltages as high as 75 VDC while charging without having to use relays or other methods to disconnect the drive from the battery.

“Get Me Home” Over-Temperature Warning Mode

Provides warning and linear reduction of current limit to allow continued operation at reduced capacity for a controlled shutdown.

Regenerative Braking

Recharges battery while operating.

Master/Slave Operation

Coordinates multiple axes (such as dual traction drives) from a single command and allows digital mode selection. Reduces drive inventory since drive works as either master or slave.

Internal Closed-Loop Speed and Torque Control

Eliminates need for an external controller, allows separate forward/reverse speed limits, and provides smooth transitions with programmable acceleration/deceleration.

Optional Separate Logic Supply

Provides additional safety measure by optionally powering internal control logic from a separate power supply.

Superior Fault Protection

Safeguards both amplifier and motor against faults which may occur.

Brushed Motor Controller Family

Parameter DCD48-50 DCD48-100 DCD48-200 DCD48-220 DCD48-400 SCD48-400
Note: Parameters are subject to change. Consult PCI for current data.
Nominal Bus Voltage (VDC) 24-48
Operating Quadrants 4 4 2 4 4 2
Motor Types Brush Brush Brush Brush Brush Separately Excited
Continuous Output Current at 60 deg C base plate (Arms) 50 100 200 220 400 400
Maximum Output Current, 15 secs (Arms) 85 175 250 350 700 700
Output Power (HP/kW) 3.2 / 2.4 6.4 / 4.8 12.9 / 9.6 14 / 10.7 25 / 19.2 25 / 19.2
Standby Power, nominal (W) < 12
Command Input (VDC) +/- 10
PWM Frequency (kHz) 20
Operating Temperature Range (deg F / deg C) 32 - 122 / 0 - 50
Storage Temperature (deg F / deg C) -4 - 185 / -20 - 85
Humidity, non-condensing (%) < 95
Width (inches/mm) 4.2 / 107 4.2 / 107 5.2 / 132 5.8 / 147 Consult factory
Length (inches/mm) 6.5 / 165 6.5 / 165 6.5 / 165 6.5 / 165
Height (inches/mm) 2.75 / 70 2.75 / 70 2.75 / 70 2.75 / 70
Weight (lb/kg) 3.5 / 1.6 3.5 / 1.6 4.0 / 1.8 4.5 / 2.0

PCI has a policy of continuous improvement and therefore reserves the right to update this information without notice to correct mistakes or to reflect specification changes. Please contact PCI to ask questions about this product or to confirm its specifications.