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ACD220-20 ATEX Motor Drive

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  • For Brushless DC Motors

  • 220 VDC

  • 20 A Continuous, 40 A Peak

  • 4 Quadrant Operation

  • ATEX Rated for Explosive Atmospheres


The ACD220-20 ATEX Rated Servo Amplifier from Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) is a fully digital motor controller designed for continuous use in explosive environments. The amplifier can control a BLDC servo motor in torque or position loop mode. Through an RS232 communication link, two ACD220-20 servo amplifiers can drive a common load through a load sharing alrogithm.

The drive utilizes a high performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP), high efficiency MOSFET’s and proprietary control techniques to provide smooth, reliable motor control and programming flexibility. The ACD220-20 can be customized with expanded voltage or current ranges, alternative form factors, OEM labeling, and other features.


The ACD220-20 ATEX Rated Servo Amplifier can be used in these and other applications:

  • Motion control in power generation systems
  • Fuel valve metering controls
  • Any application requiring ATEX level protection

Features and Benefits

Digital Tuning

Optimizes performance, enables cloning, eliminates pot drift, and reduces inventory through the use of the same drive for multiple applications.

Proprietary High Frequency PWM Technique

Enables quiet operation, provides responsive torque and velocity control, efficiently uses supply voltage, and decreases heating and losses in motor.

Advanced Commutation

Space Vector Commutation for better bus voltage utilization for improved torque/speed curves compared with standard sinusoidal or trapezoidal commutation.

Flux Vector Current Control

Provides improved current utilization.

Health Monitor (Data Logger)

Logs faults, warnings, alarms, and peak values to non-volatile memory for system maintenance and repair.

PCI has a policy of continuous improvement and therefore reserves the right to update this information without notice to correct mistakes or to reflect specification changes. Please contact PCI to ask questions about this product or to confirm its specifications.