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PCI Partners With Community College

Montgomeryville-based Performance Controls Inc. (PCI) is a company on the move, and CEO and President Perry Walraven knows that employee education is a key to the company's future.

"Education prepares our current employees for future assignments. We trust that our investments in our people will more than pay for themselves in the future," he shares.

By partnering with Montgomery County Community College's (MCCC) Center for Workforce Development (CWD), PCI's operations and quality managers have gained valuable training through APICS - the Association for Operations Management.

Walraven explains that APICS training provides a set of disciplines, tools and common language that PCI employees can use to improve their performance. This is especially important since many of the company's products are produced in small quantity, making inventory management a top priority.

"Competition is tough in our markets and small things count. APICS training is a big thing that has helped PCI live our important core values - making our customer's jobs easier, and providing performance and features customers can't find anywhere else," he said. "We depend on APICS concepts to have the right quantity of quality parts available when and where we need them, and to get our products to our customers as quickly as possible."

PCI has been designing and manufacturing PWM amplifiers since 1980. The company specializes in engineering products to meet customers' requirements that are beyond the ordinary, and has designed solutions for applications including RADAR, MRI, Electric Vehicles, Oil and Gas Exploration, Turbine Actuators, and Mechanical Testing Machines.

"Our business is growing - our people need to grow with it," said Walraven. "We can all be more professional and more effective in our work. APICS training programs are good for individual employees, good for group moral, and good for our business. At PCI we encourage employees to learn and grow, to prepare themselves for their future in a growing company."

To support its employees' growth, PCI provides a comprehensive education reimbursement program, and uses online and classroom training to support health and safety.

"When we find great people who are willing to learn and actively participate in our growth and accept our core values, we will provide on-the-job training," shares Walraven. "Our employees are here because we need them, and we can't afford to do without them."

MCCC is partnering with the Philadelphia Area Network (PAN) of APICS to offer two classes at the Metroplex in Plymouth Meeting this fall. While the target audience for APICS training has traditionally been manufacturing and supply chain management, it is also applicable to service industries and is growing in popularity among health care professionals.

About Performance Controls

Since 1980 Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) has been a leader in designing and manufacturing high performance motor controllers and power amplifiers for customers worldwide. The company has a well-earned reputation for its deep amplifier engineering expertise and innovation, and offers products used in a wide range of demanding applications. These include medical imaging such as MRI, oil and gas exploration, power generation, electric vehicles, radar and antenna positioning, factory automation, vibration testing equipment, and various custom applications.

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