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PCI Wins FAA Radar Servo Control Contract

Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) announced today that it was awarded a federal government contract from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in the amount of $3.4 million. PCI will provide kits to upgrade the FAA's TDWR (Terminal Doppler Weather Radar) system from brush motor technology to brushless motor technology. The contract includes power supplies and brushless servo motor drives designed and manufactured by PCI, brushless servo motors, and kit integration.

The FAA TDWR network includes forty-five (45) sites throughout the US and Puerto Rico and provides weather information along approach routes for commercial airports. In addition to providing high resolution precipitation data, it provides advanced warning of gust front, wind shear, and microburst activity, which can cause planes to rapidly lose altitude due to lower relative wind speeds over their wings. The systems have demonstrated a significant enhancement to flight safety and typically operate 24/7.

PCI designed and manufactured the incumbent power supplies and brush servo motor drives in the early 1990’s and has been supporting and sustaining the program for more than 20 years. The goal of the upgrade is to maintain the reliability and durability of the system while reducing the maintenance cost by eliminating the need to frequently service the brush motors.

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Since 1980 Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) has been a leader in designing and manufacturing high performance motor controllers and power amplifiers for customers worldwide. The company has a well-earned reputation for its deep amplifier engineering expertise and innovation, and offers products used in a wide range of demanding applications. These include medical imaging such as MRI, oil and gas exploration, power generation, electric vehicles, radar and antenna positioning, factory automation, vibration testing equipment, and various custom applications.

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