QDCM2100D Gradient Amplifier

The QDCM2100D Gradient Amplifier from Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) is a three-axis pulse width modulated amplifier system. It is rated at 2100 V / 900 Apk / 375 ARMS / 60 kW and offers unrivaled power for the industry’s most precise and demanding gradient control applications. The QDCM2100D’s exceptionally low output noise, high bandwidth and rock-solid stability make it ideally suited for demanding power amplifier tasks found in laboratory and medical applications.

PCI’s new D-SERIES™ technology makes its debut with the QDCM2100D; it is the foundation for many new powerful features. Coupled with PCI’s new InSight™ software toolkit, D-SERIES™ technology gives systems engineers, sequence developers, and field service technicians unprecedented insight and capability for maximizing system performance, lowering overall system costs, and ensuring maximum system uptime.

  • 3-Axis 900A Precision Gradient Amplifier System

  • 2100 VDC High-Performance Power Supply

  • 100% Digital D-SERIES™ Technology

  • Hi-Speed, Single Fiber Digital Command

  • Rear Panel Utility Access


The QDCM2100D Gradient Amplifier can be used in these and other applications:

  • MRI magnetic field gradient control
  • Particle beam magnetic steering control
  • Any inductive load requiring precise control of large currents across a wide frequency range

Features and Benefits

D-SERIES™ Technology

100% digital amplifier architecture, enabling: Power Utilization Monitor, Advanced System Diagnostics, Integrated Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Sequence Development Assistant, and others.

Hi-Speed Fiber Digital Command

Single high-speed fiber-optic cable for all 3 axes of command and synchronization. Delivers maximum performance, economy, flexibility, and ease of system integration.

Digitally Adjustable Current Command Delay

User-selectable high-resolution command delay offers independent control for each axis; delay up to 40 usec with 40 nsec delay resolution.

InSight™ Software Toolkit

Single, easy-to-use graphical user interface for all amplifier functions.

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