Performance Controls becomes a subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation.

Power supplies for steering proton beam magnets.

VP-Hub enables connection of up to 23 GA301-VPs to drive more than 2000A rms.

Hitachi Medical Gold Prize for product development for the DA1500-1.

GA301-VP 300V amplifier for voltage mode applications such as voice coil electrodynamic shakers.  Eight GA301-VPs can be connected in parallel to achieve 800A rms output.

DA1500-1 low-cost 3-axis MRI gradient amplifier at 1500V and 700A featuring InSight™ software for deployment, control and remote monitoring.

GA301 next generation 300V MRI gradient amplifier.

QDCM2100, industry leading 3-axis MRI gradient amplifier with output at 2100V and 900A.

SHD high speed (70K RPM) digital drive which keeps surgical hand tools cool.

DHT digital servo drive for sensorless control of brushless motors in 175°C environments such as oil and gas drilling.