Power supplies for steering proton beam magnets.

Hitachi Medical Gold Prize for product development for the DA1500-1.

DA1500-1 low-cost 3-axis MRI gradient amplifier at 1500V and 700A featuring InSight™ software for deployment, control and remote monitoring.

GA301 next generation 300V MRI gradient amplifier.

QDCM2100, industry leading 3-axis MRI gradient amplifier with output at 2100V and 900A.

QDCM1400 3-axis gradient amplifier, capable of 30 kHz current loop bandwidth at an output of 1300V and 600A.

GA300 ultra-low noise gradient amplifier for MRI with 300,000 hours MTBF.  More than 10,000 would be sold over the next 15 years and the vast majority are still in use today.

QDCM700-LN Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier rated at 725V and 380A for Functional MRI (fMRI) used in university and research settings.

Quantum leap: QDCM700 state-of-the-art MRI gradient amplifier with 700V and peak current of 430A in a single lower cost cabinet.

Next gen MRI gradient amplifier technology: a 4-cabinet, 3-axis amplifier capable of 440 amps and 650 volts, further increasing speed and quality.