VP-Hub enables connection of up to 23 GA301-VPs to drive more than 2000A rms.

GA301-VP 300V amplifier for voltage mode applications such as voice coil electrodynamic shakers.  Eight GA301-VPs can be connected in parallel to achieve 800A rms output.

SHD high speed (70K RPM) digital drive which keeps surgical hand tools cool.

DHT digital servo drive for sensorless control of brushless motors in 175°C environments such as oil and gas drilling.

ACD battery operated AC servo drives for brushless servo motors.

DCD battery operated servo drives for brushed servo motors used in applications such as Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV).

MP-FLX digital servo drives with integrated controller using switched reluctance motors for pick and place robots.  25µS current loop and proprietary PWM control for extremely high bandwidth and dynamic range.

FLX1 and FLX2 (aka FastDrive) digital servo amplifiers with fiber-optic communication, featuring 20 kHz PWM frequency and proprietary switching techniques which yielded a cutting edge 25µS current loop update rate and a 6 kHz current loop bandwidth.

High rel motor drives for critical applications including RADAR platforms for NEXRAD, ARSR4 and TDWR.

The industry’s first brush and brushless motor drives using MOSFET technology, achieving unprecedented linearity and bandwidth.