Equal Employment Opportunity

Performance Controls, Inc. is committed to ensuring that Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is provided in the employment and advancement of all applicants, employees, covered veterans and persons with disabilities at all levels of employment, including the executive level. In keeping with this commitment, it is the policy of PCI to base all employment decisions on valid job requirements without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, genetic information, disability status, U.S. Military veteran status or any other protected classification as required by law. This policy governs all employment practices, including, but not limited, to hiring, promoting, transfer, recruitment, recruitment advertising, layoff or termination, compensation, and training. Performance Controls, Inc. does not and will not discriminate against any applicant or employee because he or she is a covered veteran or because of a physical or mental disability with regard to any position for which the applicant or employee is qualified. In addition, PCI is committed to a policy of taking affirmative action to employ and promote qualified covered veterans and individuals with disabilities and all are invited to identify themselves by contacting Human Resources. Such self-identification information is voluntarily provided to PCI and will be kept confidential, as required.

Decisions related to personnel policies and practices shall be made on the basis of an individual's capacity to perform a particular job and the feasibility of any necessary job accommodation. PCI will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations to any physical and mental limitations of individuals with disabilities and to disabled veterans. Our obligations in this area stem not only from adherence to various state and federal regulations, but also from our commitment as an employer in this community to provide job opportunities to covered veterans and persons with disabilities. Our AAP (Affirmative Action Plan) for Veterans and the Disabled is available for your review in the Human Resources office during regular business hours by making an appointment.

All personnel with responsibility for employment and personnel decisions are directed to perform their duties in accordance with this policy.

Any employee or applicant who believes that there is a violation of policy should bring the complaint to the attention of management or Human Resources. Any manager or supervisor who witnesses or learns of a violation of this policy is required to immediately notify Human Resources. A prompt and thorough investigation will be conducted upon receipt of a complaint, the results of which will be summarized in writing. Complaints will remain confidential to the extent possible under the circumstances. If it is concluded from the investigation that conduct in violation of this policy has occurred, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken up to and including employment termination. The purpose of such disciplinary action is to create an employment environment which is free from discrimination and/or harassment and encourages respect for the dignity of each employee.

Individuals will not be subjected to reprisal because they have engaged in or may engage in filing a complaint; assisting in a review, investigation, or hearing; or exercising their legal rights related to any federal, state, or local EEO/AA-related law.

Any applicant or employee who has questions regarding our equal employment opportunity, harassment policies or the complaint procedure, or who feels he/she has been treated in any way that violates this policy, should contact his/her immediate supervisor or Human Resources. Perry Walraven, President/CEO, has been designated as the company's EEO Coordinator and is responsible for implementing and promoting Performance Controls, Inc.'s EEO/AA efforts and objectives. He can be reached at 151 Domorah Drive, Montgomeryville, PA 18936 or 215-619-4920.

I personally endorse the policy of equal employment opportunity. I ask your continued assistance and support in maintaining an environment that reflects PCI's commitment to equal and affirmative action.