PCI Capabilities

Amplifier Expertise and Innovation

The skills and expertise of our technical staff come from years of experience designing innovative PWM (pulse width modulated) power amplifiers with the performance, reliability and certifications demanded by OEM's across diverse industries. As evidenced by the numerous patents earned by PCI engineers, Performance Controls is one of the leading sources of precision power amplifiers characterized by the features below.

Wide Bandwidth

One of PCI’s specialties is producing power amplifiers with exceptionally wide bandwidths. Depending on the application our amplifiers operate using a PWM frequency ranging from 20 to 100 kHz, with demonstrated small signal bandwidths over 30 kHz.

Low Noise, High Dynamic Range

Since the 1990’s PCI has engineered ultra low noise amplifiers for powering the magnetic coils of MRI scanning systems. These gradient amplifiers have a dynamic range of up to 120 dB, or 1,100,000 to 1. To illustrate this enormous dynamic range, while outputing a current of 220 A RMS (typical in an MRI application) the PCI amplifier controls noise to be less than 200 uA RMS.

Low Power to Very High Power

At the low end of the power scale PCI produces amplifiers with power outputs of 48 W (24 VDC at 2 A). At the high end of the scale PCI delivers amplifiers with peak power outputs of over 1.4 MW (2100 V at 700 A peak).

Customized Control and Communications

Depending on the requirements of our customers, we can configure existing products or engineer new designs to provide control and communication capabilities including analog, discrete digital, SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), RS232/485, EtherCat, CAN bus, USB, Bluetooth and others.

Ruggedization for Harsh Environments

PCI motor drives can be found in the high temperature (350 deg F / 175 deg C), high vibration environments of downhole gas and oil drilling operations. Others can be found in radar positioning systems, running reliably after 20 years in service. Still others operate year after year in the heat and humidity of critical gas valve control systems. Features such as extensive fault protection, advanced real-time adaptive thermal modeling, instantaneous over-current protection and many others contribute to the exceptional robustness and reliability of PCI amplifiers.


PCI is able to have your motor drives certified to the standard needed for your application, including ATEX and several others.