PCI Capabilities

Custom Amplifier Solutions

While PCI offers many standard amplifier products, our core product, however, is the passion, creativity and skill of our engineering professionals who love to solve problems. This passion often manifests itself in custom projects undertaken to solve challenging amplifier problems brought to us by our customers.

Why come to PCI with your special amplifier needs?

  • PCI engineers will work with you as partners and consultants to ensure your goals are achieved.
  • We will help you solve application problems, meet schedules, and improve your customer's satisfaction.
  • PCI can provide CE, UL, ATEX and other certifications.
  • We're able to do what others can't or won't in terms of performance, features, volume, and schedule.
  • PCI is an engineering-driven company that pursues innovative solutions, many resulting in patents and improvements to amplifier state-of-the-art.

Below are a few examples of the custom solutions delivered by Performance Controls.

High Power,Three Phase Pulse Amplifier

Our customer’s linear motor, with 3 independent windings and 24 inch (610 mm) displacement, required an exceptional amplifier to accurately simulate real-world acceleration time histories measured in crash events. Accelerations of up to 300 g had to be achieved. PCI's delivered solution included:

  • Three amplifiers (one per phase), each capable of driving the linear motor at 1600 A and 400 V for up to 100 ms
  • Total harmonic distortion less than 1% at 200Hz
  • Bandwidth exceeding 1.7 kHz at 45 deg phase angle
  • Noise level better than -80 db
  • Interface with the customer's proprietary serial communication protocol
  • A versatile DSP control platform to support future design enhancements by the customer
  • Small quantities - four units shipped for two end-users
  • PCI support services for successful system integration

Battery Powered Motor Drive

An autonomous material handling OEM came to PCI needing a motor drive designed specifically for their AGV systems. We provided a no-compromise solution:

  • Two 100 amp continuous, 48 volt DC drives per unit
  • Ability of each drive to operate in a master/slave mode, making all units interchangeable
  • Implementation of the OEM's proprietary interface to provide efficient data transfer
  • Delivery of a versatile DSP control platform to support future customization by OEM
  • Custom packaging to fit the available vehicle space
  • A private label arrangement to give the customer branding and service control

Patient Handling Motion Control System

Requiring higher reliability, lower-cost motion controls for their patient handling system, a major medical device OEM came to PCI for the solution. In close collaboration with the customer, PCI delivered:

  • Seven axes of motion control per patient handling system
  • Integration of servo amplifiers, multiple power supplies, control logic and signal conditioning
  • Savings of more than 40% compared to previous motion control architecture
  • Reliable operation for more than 20 years over several generations of OEM product