MRI Gradient Amplifiers

MRI Gradient Amplifiers

PCI designs and manufactures high-precision pulse width modulated gradient amplifiers for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) systems. MRI gradient amplifiers provide power to generate the variable (gradient) magnetic field component important in the MRI process.

High power, excellent stability, wide bandwidth and low noise levels are critical to achieving clear MRI images and are characteristic of all PCI gradient amplifiers.

Our gradient amplifiers can be found in health care centers around the world. With a wide range of power levels available, PCI’s gradient amplifiers power MRI systems rated from 0.2T to 7T (Tesla).

3-Axis Gradient Amplifier Systems

PCI’s cabinet-based, 3-axis gradient amplifiers are among the highest performance and most powerful in the industry.

The foundation of their superb performance is their 100% digital control architecture, called D SERIES™. Built on a long history of PCI innovations, D SERIES™ offers a digital fiber interface, power optimization tools, advanced diagnostics, interactive communications, and many other features which improve image quality and increase MRI system availability.

Our amplifier power ratings constantly increase to meet the evolving demands of MRI system designs. Currently, our 3 axis gradient amplifiers are available in output ratings from 800 VDC at 700 Apk, to 2100 VDC at 900 Apk, per axis.

1-Axis Gradient Amplifier Systems

Our rack-mounted, 1-axis gradient amplifiers are widely considered as a “work horse” in the MRI world. Well over 10,000 are in use today, a testament to their reliability and proven performance.

Utilizing a hybrid digital and analog control architecture, PCI’s 1-axis amplifiers include digital tuning and set-up, diagnostic tools, programmable protection for loads, and more.

These amplifiers are available in 150 VDC and 300 VDC versions.