Motor Drive Applications

High Reliability Drives for Motion Control

PCI's specialty is providing solutions for our customers' diverse motor drive challenges. Whether you make electric vehicles, antenna/radar systems, downhole well tools, or any application that requires reliable, high-performance amplifiers, Performance Controls can help. You can select from one of our standard products, or have it customized, or work with us to develop a totally custom solution.

Applications where PCI motor amplifiers are found include:

  • Gas turbine actuators
  • Electric vehicles
  • Automated guided vehicles (AGV's)
  • Down-hole well tools
  • Shock and vibration test systems
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • High speed spindle drives
  • Radar and antena positioning systems
  • Systems, turret positioning
  • Industrial automation
  • Medical patient handling systems

More detailed descriptions of a few of these applications can be found in the accompanying sidebar links.