About PCI

PCI - High Performance Power Amplifiers

At Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) our specialty is providing solutions for our customers' power amplifier challenges. Whether you make MRI systems, surgical hand tools, electric vehicles, antenna positioning systems, AGV's, oil and gas down-hole tools, or any application that requires reliable, high-performance PWM amplifiers, PCI can help. You can select from one of our standard products, or have it customized, or work with us to develop a totally custom solution that provides everything your application requires and nothing that it does not.

Our gradient amplifier family is one excellent example of PCI skills applied to a demanding application. These skills come from successful experience with high power, low noise, broad bandwidth performance, and certifications necessary to meet the requirements of medical device manufacturers. These skills and experience have benefitted clients with medical, energy, and battery operated applications and with other applications as well. With over 300 man-years of innovative design experience we are comfortable partnering with OEM's with specialized performance and certification requirements.

Since 1980 PCI has been partnering with OEM's to create high performance amplifier products. Our core product, however, is the creativity and skill of a dedicated group of engineering professionals who love to solve problems for customers. We are located in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania (about 45 minutes north of Philadelphia International Airport) in a modern 45,000 square foot (4,200 square meter) facility.

If you're an OEM needing power, precision or bandwidth for a challenging amplifier application, PCI can help. We're a company run by engineers for engineers and your success is our goal.